Dyed hair, dry hair?

Fall is the season where a lot of things happen; we share extra special moments with our friends and loved ones, we change our wardrobe to match the weather,we even change our skin care regimes and our hair colors.

autumn alley
Fall trail.



That’s what this week’s blog is about, how to care for your hair when you’ve dyed it especially in the fall and going into the winter season.

So we all love fall because at this time the weather is not excessively hot and sunny as in the summer nor is it grey and freezing as the winter.

Not everyone is as lucky as myself and fellow Caribbean neighbors who don’t experience below zero degrees at any time of the year!

Nonetheless the air gets dryer all over the world and we have to bump up our moisturizers. This goes for our hair much as for our skin, and even more so for those of us who sport those bright, beautiful colors.

Winter silver waves.

Bold highlights, full blondes, red heads, ombre do’s, splashlights, glossy tones and even jet black hair NEEDS that extra moisture during this season even more. This is for both the guys and the gals. Men I see those blonde highlights on those tight curls and fades. Yup, I see the undercuts, low fades, french crops, neat locs and the long bro flows with the dash of colors. Those need to be moisturized too.hydrate


Dry hair is like unwatered plants, dry, brittle, dull and easy to break. No-one wants that kind of hair. So here are some tips to ensure you keep your hair healthy this fall and winter:

  1. Shampoo less often-if your routine sees you shampooing every weekend (females) increase the wait time to every week and a half. If need be, use cowash instead of shampoo in between wash days. Males, you can increase the wait time to three or four days instead of everyday. Lees shampooing means colors lasts longer.
  2. Use oil-based moisturizers- this will seal in any extra moisture and prevent excess evaporation keeping hair healthier and colors brighter for longer.

    black female hairstyles Best of 2018 Hair Color Trends For Black & African American Women
    Colors on curls.
  3. DEEP CONDITION- this step cannot be stressed enough! This extra conditioning gives the hair that supplementary boost of moisture that it will thank you for!
  4. Add a leave-in conditioner to your regime- this locks in the moisture as your hair dries after washing.
  5. Air dry- too much heat from the blow dryer causes hair to be brittle and increases the risk of split ends. However do not go outside with wet hair as cold weather will cause your hair to be brittle and prone to damage.
  6. Wear silk headwears– other materials tend to be harsh on the hair and scalp and causing friction which causes breakage and fades hair color faster.
  7. Stay HYDRATED- applying moisture is important and all but, a hydrated body means all organs and systems work well and the skin and hair look even better. So eat well and drink as much water as possible EVERYDAY.

    Highlights on an updo

For more helpful tips on taking care of your hair during these lovely seasons check out SLIKHAAR and SELF. I love to see those bold colors and I’m sure you didn’t pop that neon green highlight in for it to go unnoticed at Thanksgiving or at your friends Christmas party. So please keep your colored crowns moisturized and looking healthy this season.

See you next week!


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