Your hair and your face?

Hi there, I know I have not written in the longest time. But! I’m back. So today we’ll talk about how the nature of your hair affects your face. That is, how your face reacts to your hair being clean or dirty!

So I recently had my hair unwashed for at least three weeks-the longest I have went without washing- and I found that my face was beginning to break out. Usually I wash my hair every three days or every week and the reason for having it dirty for so long was that I didn’t have the shampoo and conditioner that I consistently use nor did I have my hair moisturizer from the same brand.

I was afraid that using other products would counteract the progress I’d made using my go-to brand Cantu.

Years past, I’d use almost any conditioner and shampoo on my hair however, for the past three years I’ve stuck to using Cantu products for natural hair. Throughout the three weeks I covered my hair to protect it from the heat and cold by wearing a thin scarf. That way, it had protection and the wind got to pass through it. I also tried to avoid any physical activities that would cause me to sweat excessively. After all, I didn’t want to feel that my hair was unwashed, though I knew it was.

Products I use in my hair.
Products I use in my hair.

You might wonder “why not just wash it until you sourced the hair products?”. Well, I have learnt that being consistent with the products that you use on your hair and skin is healthier than constantly using new ones. So I waited and continued my ‘protective practices’ but I realized that although my hair was fine, my face wasn’t.  I began to get breakouts that were close to my hairline. They would disappear after using acne face washes and then reappear a few days later.

Along with the acne, I just thought that my face looked lifeless and dull simply because my hair needed to be washed.

I did further research and found a list of possible reasons why my skin was breaking out and what measures to take- other than and after the immediate fix; washing my hair! I needed advice that would render me prepared to take proper care of my hair even moreso since I now know how important it is to my face. So now my hair is clean and I have already washed it twice within seven days. I’ve also continued to cover it from the sun and air conditioner for the most parts of the day. I’ve seen the benefits and I’m sure you will too if you do the same.

My hair after a fresh wash.

Another reason why I chose not to use just any other shampoo or conditioner is the harshness of some of these products; they are drying and aggravating to the scalp and face. Refinery29 gives great insight on possible ways your hair could be causing breakouts and further, how to prevent them.

Thanks for reading guys.

Keep your hair clean and your face will love you for it!.


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