Do Men Care About Their Hair as much as Women Do?

Other than sitting in the barber’s chair and having your fade sharpened, men, do you pay much attention to your hair? Is conditioning even a big deal for you?

I found the answers to those questions surprising as men do care way more about their hairs than we even thought. From maintaining the waviest styles to adding extensions , men are experimenting more and are paying increasingly more attention to their hair. Also, much like women, as mentioned in my previous post, men are spending a lot more on hair products than before.

colored hair
Man sporting striking pastel pink hairdo. The bright colored hair trend spiraled in 2017.



It is believed that men don’t pay attention to detail, especially since it is seemingly so easy for them to get groomed, dressed and ready for anything. Recent publications have shown that men actually have keen senses for grooming and actually spend the time and money to make sure that their details are in tip top shape. Male toiletries including  skin and hair care products valued at US$17.5 billion and comprised 37% of total sales in 2015 in the US alone. The estimated worth of the hair care segment was then US$1 billion and according to Euromonitor it is expected to increase rapidly.

To prove that men are not only asking their barbers for suggestion on hair care products,  Google has recorded that men pulled a 6% lead over women in searches about hair care and hairstyles. Ladies, I guess it’s fair to say, the men actually do know what they are talking about when they say “that shampoo is damaging your edges”, they have done the research. Has any male ever said that though? I doubt it, but I bet they will start giving us hair tips from now on.

Stephen Harrison rocking his well-kept beard. This look is nothing new to men of color.

YouTube pages for men hair care have sprung up to provide tutorials, tips and reviews and have garnered over 12 million views combined. That’s right, men are actually watching videos to help them to care for their hairs! Retailers and cosmetic industries have also hopped on to this trend and have begun manufacturing and distributing hair care products uniquely for men. Nivea (Nivea Men), L’oreal (Men Expert) and Cantu (Cantu Men’s Collection) have all since launched product lines designed for men interested detailed hair care and the names of these product lines are so crafted to speak to the ‘inner man’ who is in touch with his mane.

YouTube cover for a tutorial on attaining defined curls for men.

The question I am yet to answer is why are men so in tuned to hair care now? Artistic barber Carmello Guastella says that it is because “men now understand how important image can be, and how having a great haircut is a key part of giving a good first impression”. Guastella has been awarded GQ’s “Barber of Choice” and has watched men’s interest in hair increase drastically in the past three years more than it as ever had in his 30 years of experience.

A slick back undercut done by Lorenzo Diaz. Anti-frizz products are used to keep the style in place.

It should not be so surprising though that men are increasing focus on their hair since they do start to lose it before women and it is quite obvious when hair loss begins. AbcNews reported that men spend up to $1 billion yearly fighting baldness, so it is no wonder they have started caring for their hair scalp before they start going bald. Men have begun growing massive healthy beards and hair that could rival  lions’ manes and the time and products which goes into their grooming is nothing short of noteworthy.

Although, many have opted to avoid clippers and razors, barbers, stylists and retailers need not worry as this trend does not seem to be slowing down any time soon as more men are embracing and taking care of their hair. Whether beards or clean, sharp line-ups, our men are sporting whatever style makes them happy and that is fascinating.

Men keep on grooming your crowns and manes!

Thank you so much for reading. Join me in my next blog where we will have the views of and insights of an interesting personality. It will be worth the wait.




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