Hi there, I am Nicola Welsh, your not-so typical, curious and vibrant naturalista and I’ve got something interesting to share.

This blog will be about something we see as soon as we look at others, no not their faces, their HAIR. Subconsciously our minds save images of the people we see and one of the features we remember these persons by, are their hair. Whether black, blonde, straight, curly or even bald, our minds save a snap for the future (thank you memory!).

That said, if someone were to remember you by your hair, I’m sure you would want that to be a good memory. After all a bad hair day is just a bad day! Being a black girl in the Caribbean who has never gotten her hair relaxed but has always found interesting ways to sport it, I find the topic of hair to be dear to my heart as do most of us phenomenal women. The beautiful Dr. Maya Angelou said “hair is a woman’s glory … share that glory with your family”.

So let’s go on a hair journey together where we’ll talk all things hair!

Join me every Wednesday 5pm, set your reminders so you don’t forget. Read, discuss and share, as we talk HAIR.


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